LeBron James Spotted Double Dating In Malibu With Top Celebrity (PHOTOS)

King James celebrates with style, and the official signing of the contract with the Los Angeles Lakers was definitely something to celebrate. The NBA star headed straight to Malibu, accompanied by his wife, Tristan Thompson and Kloe Kardashian.

LeBron James signed his LA Lakers contract, and he’s now an official member of the Lakers family. This brought a relief to every LeBron fan, and King James thought it would be nice if he celebrates with some good friends and his love. Kardashian and Thompson make a good company, and the double dating took place in Malibu.

Yes, they were all followed by a bunch of security, and Nobu was their meeting point. If by any chance you haven’t heard of it, Nobu is one of the fanciest sushi joints in town.

Money means nothing, as LeBron signed a $154 million deal, Tristan has a $82 million contract, and let’s not even mention Khloe’s net worth.

LeBron could just stay in town and have a fancy dinner. But, no, Malibu sounds much better, right?

Tristan and Khloe seem to be madly in love with each other, as they posted a bunch of photos on social media. Did you see it? They are all over each other!

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