LeBron Sends Heartbreaking Shout To His Absent Father – “Because of you Pops!”

LeBron James may be a successful basketball player, but life wasn’t smooth on him. Moreover, it’s interesting to know that LeBron grew up in a broken home. He was raised by a single mom, and that says pretty much everything about his childhood.

James’ mom, Gloria, had him at 16. His father left them, and LeBron grew up into a strong man. He’s grateful for everything his mom has done for him, and he also thanked his father. He grew up this big because of the challenge life gave him.


“Like, ‘Wow, Dad, you know what, I don’t know you, I have no idea who you are, but because of you is part of the reason who I am today.’ The fuel that I use—you not being there—it’s part of the reason I grew up to become who I am. It’s part of the reason why I want to be hands-on with my endeavors. And be able to put my guys that’s with me now in position. Like Maverick Carter, my right-hand guy in my business. Rich Paul, my agent. Randy Mims, my friend—he’s my manager, you know. So me in a position allowing people around me to grow, that maybe wouldn’t have happened if I had two parents, two sisters, a dog, and a picket fence, you know?
Because of you Pops! Thanks all along. Could have said ‘Why me?’ with [you] not being there but look what I made of myself.”

That’s exactly what LeBron said in one of his most emotional interviews.

Gloria is a strong woman. Life put her in a very hard situation, but she made it.

“When I was 9 years old, my mother made a supreme sacrifice. She decided that while she was figuring out how to get on her feet, I needed some stability in my life. I needed to stay in one place and experience the support and security that she had felt growing up in a big family. So she sent me to live with my pee-wee football team coach, “Big Frankie” Walker, and his family. She later said to me, “It was hard, but I knew it was not about me. It was about you. I had to put you first,” LeBron said of his mother during another interview.

“People always say I am devoted to my mother. That’s true, but only because for every minute of my life, she has been devoted to me. My mother taught me what devotion truly means. I have tried to pass along her example by helping kids who are growing up in single-parent homes through the LeBron James Family Foundation and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America,” the NBA star added.

LeBron James turned out to be a better man than his father. He has a lovely family, and they’re here to support every move he makes.

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