Marshawn Lynch Offers Unique Insight Into Ending Of Seahawks-Patriots Super Bowl

Three years ago, Marshawn Lynch got the chance to become a Super Bowl champion for the second time in his career. Unfortunately for him, his teammate Pete Carroll wasn’t that eager to assist.

The veteran running back won a title with the Seattle Seahawk in Super Bowl XLVIII and the ‘Hawks were pretty close to victory during the waning minutes of Super Bowl XLIX against the New England Patriots. If only Pete Carroll had just given him the ball.

A game-winning touchdown for the Seahawks was in sight, when Carroll chose to throw the ball on the goal line instead of passing it to Lynch who barely was stopped the play before. Quarterback Russell Wilson’s pass was picked off by Malcolm Butler, handing the Patriots their fourth championship win in the Tom Brady – Bill Belichick era.

Many Seahawks fans were enraged by Carroll’s decision to throw the ball and it might have even contributed to the team’s implosion some years later.

Matt Barnes interviewed Lynch on his show ‘Uninterrupted’ and just had to ask him about the event.

“What certain individuals were thinking at the time is just not the situation that we needed to be in,” Lynch said. “Like should I change it? I mean Russell (Wilson thinking) should I change the situation or can I get it handled?

“At the end of the day, I’m looking at it like, I’ve seen Russell do some (expletive) that hasn’t been done before. At the end of the day, I’m not too concerned about if some [expletive] can get done, because if it’s anybody that can make some magic happen, it’s this (expletive). Because I’ve seen him do it on my occasions before. But then I mean, you know, just the honest to God truth is, sometimes I think, ‘do you think you should have audibled?’

“At the end of the day, I’m not mad at him or who called the situation or the play. But I’m going to tell you like this, when that play was called, and I saw the expression on the other 10 guys face in there, all they eyes was like, if we was in the huddle like this, and I’m standing on this side and everybody got they head down, when they heard the call, even the receivers, all they (expletive) was like, and they looked right at me. And I’m looking like *claps* break. What y’all want me to do? What happened happened, and at that point, I can realistically say I’ve done everything in the game.

“To win a Super Bowl and a lose a Super Bowl in the fashion we did lose it in, it don’t get no better for a person. All it do is test your character, and in the face of adversity, it shows who the (expletive) you is.”

Hey, victory wouldn’t taste so sweet if it weren’t for the bitterness of the losses! Do you agree?

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