Meet Tom Brady’s Best Friend Lua, She Is Gorgeous

Tom Brady is a successful football star and a family man. This guy knows how to combine the best of life, and his best friend Lua has a special place in his heart. Have you seen any of his pics with Lua?

We love her! Lua is a pitbull mix, and the Patriots quarterback enjoys spending time with her. You never thought that Brady would have such affection for a puppy, right? Well, he’s a tough player on the field after all. However, the dog melts his heart, and the quarterback adores her. According to him, Lua is a “great family dog,” adding that she doesn’t have “an aggressive bone in her body.”

The dog is a nice chocolate and tan pit bull mix. Brady shares so many pictures of him and the dog, and yes, we can notice his emotions.

Brady loves to go for a walk with his family and the dog. They enjoy spending time together, and the pitbull is super happy with them.

As you can see, even big guys can fall for a cute dog. And pitbulls are more than cute. They are awesome, gorgeous, smart and happy. If you don’t share our opinion, please, go talk to Brady.

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