Report: After LeBron Signed With Lakers, Cavs Change Their Stance On Kevin Love

LeBron James’ free agency shocked the NBA world, and many thought that he’d stay with the Cavs for at least a season. But, King James had something else on his mind, and the rest is history. Everything changed when Klutch Sports announced his decision to head for Los Angeles. This left the Cleveland Cavaliers with just one option. Kevin Love.

The Cavs lost LeBron, and the organization is now planning to rebuild the roster. They may even trade away Kevin Love. Is this even possible?

Jason Lloyd has more of the story. According to him, the Cavaliers will definitely trade Love.

“Despite insistence from the organization that they are not interested in trading Love, multiple sources from around the league insist they are indeed open to moving him. It makes perfect sense to deal him now. The Cavs’ first-round pick for next year is top 10 protected, meaning they can keep it if it falls within the top 10. Otherwise, they’ll lose it to the Atlanta Hawks as compensation for the Kyle Korver deal. Moving Love and launching a full-scale rebuild would almost assure the Cavs of finishing in the top 10 of the draft,” he explained.

He may be right. The Cavaliers don’t have much chance of gaining huge success, and they should better focus on becoming a championship contender.

Love heard the rumors, but none of that affects him.

“It’s probably going to come up. It always does. It’s also good to be wanted. But at the same time, it’s going to be interesting to see what happens. We just don’t know. There’s been so much overhaul and so many things that have happened this year, particularly with our team, that you just don’t know when July comes and free agency hits. There could be something interesting that comes up for this team,” he said.

Will the Cleveland Cavaliers really trade him away?

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