Report: Cavaliers Sign Collin Sexton To A Huge Contract

The Cleveland Cavaliers lost James LeBron, and it seems like they’re ready to move forward. The team landed Collin Sexton, and he will be the next star to handle their franchise. The Cavs made it official, and signed the eight overall pick. This will be his rookie contract, and it was signed on Wednesday.

Joe Vardon said the Cavaliers signed Collin Sexton to a four-year $20.2 million deal. According to Vardon, this is the highest amount he could get as a rookie:

“Per league rules, the most he could earn this season was about $4.1 million, based on where he was selected. And that amount — $4.07 million — is what he’ll get, a source told Rookie contracts are guaranteed for the first two years, with team options for the last two year,” Vardon explained.

Sexton can’t be traded for a month because he signed his contract. But, LeBron James joined the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Cavaliers are definitely rebuilding their team. Is Sexton a key part of the rebuilding process? Yes! The Cleveland Cavaliers general manager Kobe Altman said the same thing during the introductory press conference.

“We’re going to invest a lot of time into him and he’s a part of this culture now of winning, of hard work, attitude, the stuff we talk about,” Altman said.

“Just being able to play both ends of the basketball court, being able to go out there and play defense and also being able to score the ball. But the most important side is the defensive side just because of all the players you have to go against night in, night out,” Sexton said after the drafting.

This is great news for Cavs fans, as Sexton is a nice addition to the organization. He will definitely bring them some great results.

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