Report: Cavaliers To Trade Their Top Players

The Cleveland Cavaliers lost a major star, and it seems like LeBron James’ departure will have a huge impact on their game. Things seem to go down the hill, and let’s not forget all the trade tumors.

First, we thought that the team isn’t soliciting trade offers for Kevin love and Kyle Korver. But, it turns out that the Cavs have other plans for both stars, as confirmed by Brian Windhorst. ESPN’s expert said he doesn’t believe Love and Korver are untouchable if right deals pop up. Who knows…

“I think the Cavs would trade Kevin Love and Kyle Korver but aren’t out there peppering teams for trade offers. I don’t think the Cavs want to trade them, it’s just that they aren’t untouchable. The only untouchable is Collin Sexton,” Windhorst explained.

Remember Jason Lloyd’s report? He suggested that the moving of Love is quite possible.

“Despite insistence from the organization that they are not interested in trading Love, multiple sources from around the league insist they are indeed open to moving him,” Lloyd added.

The Cavs are caught in the middle of a huge change. I guess they didn’t even think of the idea of losing LeBron James. But, it happened, and the team will have to work on a better alternative. Do they have a backup plan?

The Cavs are on the verge of rebuilding the team. Some say the front office may replenish part of the asset stockpile and deal the five-time All-Star before the 2018-19 season.

Cleveland may trade Love in order to increase the chances of retaining the 2019 first-round pick. It’s actually owed to the Atlanta Hawks unless it drops within the top 10 picks.

The big game is about to start, and Cleveland better make a few bold moves. That’s the only way to succeed after losing LeBron.

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