REPORT: Malcolm Mitchell Undergoes Knee Surgery… And It’s Bad

Latest reports confirm that Malcolm Mitchell had knee surgery.

The New England Patriots are getting ready for training camp, and this breaking news actually broke their excitement. The team is super busy dealing with all the preparations, and Malcolm Mitchell had to undergo a knee surgery. It’s worse than you think. Everything is focused towards the wideout, and teammates are already disappointed because of his current condition.

What’s the first thing that happened? The Patriots started looking for trade partners for the talented wide receiver. Was New England actually planning to get Mitchell off the roster? I guess so…

This surgery puts a dark dot on Malcolm’s 2018 campaign. Experts already talk about the possible development of future events, but everything points to the fact that Mitchell will have to go through a long recovering therapy.

“Malcolm Mitchell isn’t expected to be on the field to start training camp. He had a procedure on his knee today, according to a source. His season looks to be in jeopardy,” Mark Daniels tweeted.


This is bad news for the Georgia native. The 25-year-old player may lose it all. Remember what happened last September? He was placed on Injured Reserve for his knee injury and missed the entire campaign. Although he did rehab and everything, he couldn’t make his way back. The injury was too bad for him to stand up and rock the ball.

Julian Edelman will sit out the first four games of the season, and fans believed that Mitchell could step in and provide a consistent target for quarterback Tom Brady. But, things don’t really go the way we hope.

Mitchell must be devastated with all the things going on these days. He was hoping to stand up and do his job, but it seems like he will have to rest throughout the season.

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