Report: This Coach Emerging As ‘Early Favorite’ To Call Plays

The New England Patriots said they won’t have offensive and defensive coordinator in the upcoming season. Josh McDaniels left his position as a Patriots OC and joined the Las Vegas Raiders as their next head coach. McDaniels’ departure was a big blow for the Patriots. They lost a valuable assistant. McDaniels played a huge role in the success New England had over the years. Many thought that head coach Bill Belichick will take control over the offense. Well, it looks like another Patriots coach will call plays in 2022.

Jeff Howe from The Athletic reported that Belichick will probably pick Matt Patricia as a replacement for McDaniels. Patricia was the defensive coordinator for the team from 2012 to 2017. In other words, he knows his job really well. Yes, he hasn’t called offensive plays, but he can definitely fit in the new role.

Experienced Patriots coach to call offensive plays

NFL reporters noticed that Patricia and Joe Judge called plays during voluntary spring activities. Coach B was there, too. He watched quarterback/wide receiver drills and many thought that he is getting used to his new role with the team.

“As Belichick and his staff ironed out their practice plans each day, the coaches predetermined who would lead each period, according to sources,” Howe detailed. “It had been speculated — with Patricia taking charge of the run-based periods and Judge in control of the pass-based periods — there might be a run-game coordinator and pass-game coordinator this season. However, that hasn’t been the case so far, according to a source.

“Belichick has not yet decided who will call the plays during the season, but it’s trending in Patricia’s direction, according to a source. Patricia and Judge are each preparing for the possibility of calling plays, but Patricia’s workload this spring has suggested he’s the early favorite to handle that responsibility.”

The Patriots have to make some changes in the offseason. Players will report to mandatory minicamp and things will probably be clearer in a couple of weeks. Will Patricia take the new role? Will Belichick step in as the new Patriots OC? We’d definitely ask tons of actions right now.