Report: Why Bill Belichick Sent Jimmy Garoppolo To 49ers, Not Browns

The New England Patriots traded Jimmy Garoppolo, and fans still discuss over this decision.

The Patriots shocked the fans with their decision, as most of us thought they’d keep Jimmy Garoppolo. As you can see, the former Patriot is in the center of all events.

The trade wasn’t the most shocking thing here. It seems like Tom Brady’s absurd longevity didn’t give Garoppolo much choice. His future in New England was pretty uncertain. Who would accept to be a second-round pick? Well, let’s not forget that Garoppolo has a pretty nice opinion of his skills and talent.

Maybe the Patriots could’ve made a better offer on the table, and let’s not forget that head coach Bill Belichick had a soft spot for him.

“The Patriots had received a better offer from the Browns — multiple high-round draft picks — but Belichick believed San Francisco offered more possibilities for the young quarterback; he settled for a second-rounder,” Joon Lee wrote.

Garoppolo was more than happy for the fact that he didn’t have to answer questions. “Parts of it were true, parts of it I knew weren’t true, parts I didn’t know if they were true or not. I appreciated that Coach Belichick put me in the best situation—you hear those horror stories about guys finding out from … Twitter,” says Garoppolo on the details of his trade deal.

Garoppolo had huge plans. He was about to go home for his 26th birthday, and even planned a post-Super Bowl trip. He was ready to move to a new place at the Seaport District in Boston for the 2018-19 season. Yes, he’s a planner. “Everything went a little sideways on that plan, but it worked out. I planned every scenario that I could think of in my head,” Garoppolo said.

Well, he should focus his planning skills on something else.

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