Rob Gronkowski Sends a Big Threat to the Buffalo Bills In an Epic Way

The New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski always finds a way to attract our attention, and this time he did the unexpected. Gronk isn’t shy doing bad things to hometown Bills during his NFL career. But, he really shocked us this time. We bet that some people will be quite irritated to see what happened this time. Bills fans will be angry!

Gronk was invited at a wedding for the weekend, and really enjoyed the groove. However, the bride decided to bring out a Bills hat, and put it on his head. Gronkowski didn’t like any of that, and his reaction was more than hilarious.

Receiving the “Gronk Spike” treatment is the least pleasant thing you’d expect.

So, Gronk recoiled and removed the hat from his head. He spiked it with an utmost authority, and to add more drama, he kicked it away. He finished the move with some Gronk-style dance move.

This resembles the game Gronk plays against Buffalo. He had 13 such games during the career, and he recorded 66 passes for 1,027 yards and 12 touchdowns. Pretty impressive, right?

The New England Patriots will take the Bills challenge on Oct. 29 and Dec. 23 during the season. Will Gronk do something about this?

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