Shareef O’Neal Sends Heartwarming Message to Lebron Jr.

Sons will always look up to their fathers, and even feel the pressure to live up to their expectations. When you have famous parents, it’s even harder.

Shareef O’Neal knows how struggling it can be to try to follow in an NBA superstar dad’s footsteps. That’s why he could relate to LeBron James’ son Bronny who – according to Shareef – is thriving under that same spotlight.

Shaq’s son even sent a touching message to Bronny to encourage him and show his support.

Commenting on his journey so far, Shareef praised Bronny for dealing with the heat like a pro at just 13 years old.

“Bronny … One kid I can relate to a lot … we both kind of have it the same way , being the son of an NBA legend isn’t easy and to get all of this at a young age is a real challenge to adjust to.”

“Bronny has it a little bit worse than I do, but the difference between him and I, he can back his up at such a young age.”

Shareef remembered the times when he struggled with the hate at Bronny’s age, admitting he’d sometimes choke when getting heckled. However, he pointed out that he believes the Lakers superstar’s son is poised enough to tune out the negativity.

“it’s all a journey … this kid has it all! I’m looking forward to seeing him kill it for the rest of his career !”

O’Neal also added how excited he is to watch Bronny grow up and improve his game.

And he surely isn’t the only big name who is eager to see where Bronny’s career takes him. We will all be on the edge of our seat just waiting to find out where he winds up going to college and who he could play for in the league.

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