The Case For LeBron to Step Back From His Contract With the Lakers

LeBron James became part of the Lakers family, and his fans were thrilled to learn the good news. Let’s do a thought experiment.

The NBA organization went through a rough period with all the free agency thing. LeBron left the Cleveland Cavaliers, and caught himself in a complete chaos. What happened next? He agreed to a four-year contract with the Lakers.

Some say that LeBron should back out of his deal with the Lakers. Yes, it’s the DeAndre style.

King James will turn 34 this year. Aging is a natural process, and no one is immune. The last postseason run showed the best of his power. So, why should he step back and concede the title to the Warriors? LeBron didn’t sign up for the Suicide Squad after all. What happens with Lance Stephenson, Rajon Rondo and Javale McGee? We all know that McGee is the wisest signing out of the group.

It’s more than clear that LA plays smart by bringing in guys for a year. Their next summer is available for Kawhi Leonard and other superstars. But, how will LeBron fit in this scenario. We can see Paul George and Kawhi flanking James.

Is the clock ticking on LeBron? Is it possible that the Lakers can’t put together a true title team?

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