The New Showtime-inspired Lakers Jerseys May Have Been Leaked, And They Are Epic!

LeBron James left Cleveland with the only goal to join the Los Angeles Lakers. This as one of the greatest moves he has ever made. The signing of the contract marked the new era of Showtime basketball. Every fresh beginning comes with new jerseys, and everything points to the fact that the jerseys will be inspired by the Lakers’ marvelous Showtime threads.

Nike made the huge announcement earlier this month. The official unveiling of the Lakers redesigned uniforms will take place on July 30. But, the Internet makes it easier for us. Is it possible that we have already had a look at the new jerseys?

Twitter users have spotted the new, NBA-branded Lakers merchandise. It was LeBron James in his uniform that was somehow different than the jerseys Lakers wore last year.

“Upon closer inspection of the towel and lanyard (which are not on ebay anymore, btw), I’ve made a change to the shadowing on the #s and added shorts to make full-view concepts of the 3 possible new Lakers unis. I’m on board w/ the changes, even if I’d prefer the slimmer wordmark,” Conrad Burry tweeted.

“UPDATE: After seeing the larger images of the gold and white unis on the LeBron items on Fanatics, here’s some updated renderings: fixing the # shadow, adding the shorts stripe and fixing the coloration of the collar / armhole / leg hem striping,” the update read.


The Los Angeles Lakers have had the same uniforms since 1998-99 season. The only bigger change was made at the time it changed the round collars to the wishbone collars we can see today. So, the team is going back to the round collars again. There are sleeves, too.

This is another huge step. The team is running at full speed, and we really hope that this will bring them luck.

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