The Real Reason Why LeBron James Chose Lakers Revealed

LeBron James made a big step forward, and introduced a brand new change in his NBA career. The basketball star knows how to make the right move at the right time, and his contract with the Los Angeles Lakers was supported by several major reasons. So, what made King James head straight to Los Angeles?

Retiring in a Lakers uniform is a much better option than anything else. Fans hope to see him retire in the gold-and-purple uniform. One thing stands for sure – LeBron James will spend the next four years with his Lakers teammates.

Fans keep talking about the reasons LeBron had to leave Cleveland. He had a really good time there, and his decision to leave the Cavs was more like a shock. But, hey, it’s time to think big. LeBron is all about the rewards, and the Los Angeles Lakers are the winning team, right?

We all remember how LeBron said that his decision depends on the will of his family.

Brian Windhorst of ESPN said that LeBron’s loved ones had a big role in picking his new team.

“One of the things I found out pretty quickly here was that the family was going to have a much bigger role in this decision than the other two. The first time he moved he did have two sons, but he wasn’t married and they were very young and he was pretty young. The second time they moved, I do think his wife wanted to come home. But again, his sons were young. In this move, I think his sons had a voice and the sons have lived in LA the last two summers,” Windhorst said.

Well, he was right. Both Savannah and Gloria supported his departure from Cleveland, and Los Angeles was a fancier option.

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