Tom Brady ‘Had A Hand’ In Josh McDaniels Spurning Colts

Josh McDaniels was on his way to Indianapolis, and was about to become a head coach of the Colts. However, he brought a completely different decision, and ditched the Colts. This happens just hours ahead of the introductory press conference .

So, McDaniels opted to remain the offensive coordinator of the New England Patriots. We don’t have much info on the reasons he had to bring such decision, but we know that Tom Brady had something to do with the decision brought by Josh McDaniels. Well, he is one of the notable members of the Patriots organization, right?

This doesn’t come as a surprise, because the two of them were together during most of Brady’s career in the Pats. We all remember the reports on the broken friendship between Brady and head coach Bill Belichick. But, Brady did play an important role in convincing McDaniels to stay in Foxborough.

“As for Belichick, he is reportedly irritated because he believes Brady tugged on (owner) Robert Kraft to make moves (Jimmy Garoppolo, Josh McDaniels) which ultimately forced Belichick’s hand. My sources confirm Brady had a hand in bringing McDaniels back at the 11th hour, after the latter was headed to Indianapolis to be the Colts coach,” Karen Guergian wrote.

Belichick, Kraft and Jonathan Kraft met with McDaniels, and ultimately helped him make the right decision. He’s staying with the Patriots, and we will let you know more about Brady’s involvement in the whole thing.

The Patriots are getting ready for their training camp, and the next season will be huge for them. Let’s just hope that the team will work well together despite all the rumors about any issues or whatsoever.

The team has been pretty tough in the game, and they have won so many awards. Let’s see how will they play this year.

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