Tom Brady Reveals How His Sisters Helped Him Become One The Best Quarterback Player Ever

Tom Brady is one of the best quarterbacks we’ve ever seen. The New England Patriots went pretty high due to his skills and talent. Brady grew with three older sisters, and according to him, that’s what helped him become a quarterback star.

So, Brady was no longer a young boy. His sisters showed him the way, and he became a two-time Super Bowl MVP. The quarterback knew that one day people will know him for his name. He knew that everybody would talk about him, and yes, he stepped out from his sisters’ shadows.

“I hate to say it. But, I think the roles have reversed a little bit,” Maureen Brady said.

Brady enjoys full support of his sisters – Maureen, Julie and Nancy. They’ve been accompanying him on almost every major event. Where did Brady got his steel nerves from? Ask those ladies. They helped Brady to learn everything about competitiveness and stuff.

The Brady children aren’t used to lose. They couldn’t digest losses, and Brady had hard time coping with his own loss
“They were the best athletes in my house — certainly a better athlete than I ever was. I just loved tagging along and I was living and dying with every loss they had,” Brady said of the time he wasn’t a big name in the NFL.

Tom Brady, Sr. and Galynn tried to switch on their kids’ music trigger. But, they were all interested in sports. “We were kind of the ballpark, gym rat type of family,” the father said.

The oldest daughter, Maureen, was a star softball pitcher. She had a spot on the US Junior Olympic team at the age of 17, and got a college scholarship at Fresno State. Today she’s a nurse and a softball instructor in Baskerfield.

Julie is a teacher in San Mateo. She was an awesome soccer player who had the opportunity to walk on at St. Mary’s before her scholarship.

Nancy found herself in the world of softball. She earned a scholarship at Cal-Berkeley before hitting a different path. Today she’s in a Boston graduate school.

Tom discovered football at 14. He played basketball, baseball, and pretty much everything. He was just trying to keep up with his sisters. He wanted to be the talk of the town, too.

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