Tony Romo Picks Jaguars-Packers Super Bowl, Tom Brady Responds In An Epic Way!

Tony Romo has been retired for 15 months now, and seems to be doing just fine in the broadcast booth. We know this man for his awesome predictions, and yes, he turns out to be right each time.

This time Tony Romo decided to do another fortune-telling thing, and gave his early prediction for the next season.

“If I had to pick right now? It’s pretty early. Thing about the NFL is things change pretty fast. Injuries happen, a lot of stuff happens, but, um… if I was picking right now, I’d probably go with Green Bay versus Jacksonville. That would be a tentative, rough guess here in the summer months,” Romo said when asked about the final match in Super Bowl LIII.

“The Jimmy Graham addition is gonna be very big. A lot of the field goals are going to turn into touchdowns because of that, having him as a weapon. And then I think their secondary, which I think has been a weakness for a few years and cost them some games, I think that’s gonna improve this year,” Romo added.

Jacksonville is somehow a favorite, and let’s see what happens in the final game.

However, Tom Brady didn’t like any of the predictions Romo made, and fired back with a perfect response. It seems like he has a different prediction for the Super Bowl LIII. He noticed Romo’s pick, and decided to comment on the Instagram post.

“We will see tony, we will see!” Brady commented.

The training camp gets underway on July 26, and Brady and his team are ready to take any challenge. So, this Super Bowl will sure be a big thing, especially now that we’re aware of the competitiveness of other teams. Maybe the Pats will play in the final game, who knows…

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