Watch: Gronk Trolls Bills By Spiking Hat and Jumping Around It at Local Buffalo Wedding

When was the last time you saw Gronk at a wedding? This man sure knows how to have fun, and he sure did a few interesting things. Rob Gronkowski was invited at a local wedding in Buffalo. Oh, and let’s not forget that he’s from that place.

The Patriots tight end wasn’t quite enthusiastic about the Bills hat he had on his head during the reception. Yes, the result was more than hilarious. Gronk knows how to attract everyone’s attention.

Rob Gronkowski spiked a Bills hat at a wedding in Buffalo,” the caption read.

Rob #Gronkowski spiked a #Bills hat at a wedding in Buffalo ? • (?: @jason_tartick)

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You read that right. The big Gronk came back in his full frat mood after the recession this offseason. The Pats Super Bowl defeat was enough for him to consider retirement. But, the conversation he had with Brady was more than enough to come to his senses, and stay with the New England Patriots for another year.


There were calls from Hollywood, but Gronkowski will stay at least a year with his favorite team. No Hollywood power is enough to attract the tight end.

Gestures like this could bring him some enticing offers in Beverly Hills.

“*Puts on conspiracy theory hat* I wonder if Gronk trade was about to go down and Brady threatened to retire and Bill called off the trade?” Dylan Smith tweeted.

Football games may change, but Gronkowski will still always be the same man. And we like him, that’s the best part of being his support.

The New England Patriots are getting ready for a nice battle, and they already have a few good names leading the game. Brady and Gronk make a nice duo, and we’re looking forward to see their excellent talent on the field. Keep up the good job, guys, Patriots fans are supporting every move you make! Game on!


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