WATCH: LeBron James Shares a Cute Video of His Beautiful Daughter Zhuri

You’d all agree that LeBron James is the ultimate basketball player out there. This man made it pretty far, and he knows how to seal the best of all deals. But, what makes him so special is his great love for the kids. Zhuri is so cute!

So, King James is more than a basketball star. He’s a caring husband and father. His wife, Savannah sure is a lucky woman, and Zhuri is a happy toddler.

As you may be guessing, LeBron James came this far because of his family. His loved ones are his greatest motivation. Remember that Savannah is his high school sweetheart? They have three children together – LeBron James Jr., Bryce Maximus James and Zhuri Nova James.

LeBron loves sharing pics and videos of his kids. Yes, we can notice his special love for his daughter. It’s no secret that fathers have a soft spot for their daughters, and the basketball star is no exception.

In one of his latest Instagram stories we can see the cute little daughter shooting hoops on her indoor kids basket. And the big father is here to give her the play-by-lay on her action. So adorable!

LeBron James is a proud father. His kids are born to be stars, and they will definitely become huge names in the world of basketball. Being a James kid is not a hard thing at all. You get all the free classes, and the best NBA player is here to support your game. What more can you ask for?

Did you see what happened during one of James’ games? Zhuri asked her father for candy, and the man literally sent a security guard to give her some. Cameras caught the whole thing. So funny and hilarious at the same time!


Keep up the good job, King James, you’re doing great!

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