Another NFL Player Sits During National Anthem

It’s the National Anthem thing again, people. The ‘tradition’ continues, and the NFL seems to be helpless here.

Marshawn Lynch was sitting during the Star-Spangled Banner in 2017 season, and he decided to do the same thing again. Why are players so disrespectful for the National Anthem? It’s the most destructive form of an insult.

Lynch was the only player who sat during for the anthem Friday. The Raiders’ preseason started in the worst way possible. Last year, the running back took a seat for the National Anthem in a form of social protest. Yeah, right.

He wasn’t the only player to protest this week. Ryan Wilson confirmed that multiple players did the same thing, and Thursday was the worst day.

Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson from the Dolphins took a knee during the anthem. Robert Quinn decided to do a ‘more fashionable’ move, and raised his fist. These guys are crazy!

Malcolm Jenkins and De’Vante Bausby raised their fists before the match with the Steelers. Telvin Smith, Jalen Ramsey, Leonard Fournette, and T.J. Yeldon waited in the tunnel before the game with the Saints. Quinton Jefferson, Branden Jackson and Duane Brown did the dame thing.

The league is struggling with the incidents, and the management is still working on a national anthem policy. “The NFL has engaged in constructive discussions with the NFL Players Association regarding the anthem and issues of equality and social justice that are of concern to many Americans. While those discussions continue, the NFL has agreed to delay implementing or enforcing any club work rules that could result in players being disciplined for their conduct during the performance of the anthem,” read the league’s statement.

What will happen next? Will players start acting reasonably? Who knows… They seem pretty serious about the protests. Maybe a miracle could happen… Some day…

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