Battle at Running Back is Patriots’ Biggest Looming Decision

What’s the biggest challenge New England Patriots are set to face this season? The running back position.

Each team in the National Football League has to make a big decision ahead of the season. The Patriots will sure have trouble making a decision on their running back.

Pats are getting ready for the 2018 season, and players are in their best shape ever. 2017 was a good year for the team, and experts believe that they will do an excellent job this season, too.

But, what about the running back issue?

New England has four running backs – Sony Michel, James White, Rex Burkhead, and Brandon Bolden. This means that three players will have to fight for one spot.

Finding the final running back could be a problem. Both Jeremy Hill and Mike Gilislee could get it.

Gillislee came from the Buffalo Bills, and was planned to fill in for LaGarrette Blount. But, he struggled a lot, and became a non-factor after the first few matches in the regular season.

Hill came from the Cincinnati Bengals. He was trying really hard to prove himself, and outperformed Gillislee in the preseason game against the Redskins.

Hill and Gillislee have similar running styles, and could easily become the goal-line back for the Pats. Pats used Rex Burkhead last season, but these two have better builds for a goal-line carrier.

The players have three more preseason games to prove themselves, and we don’t really know the final outcome of this battle. Hill and Gillislee will fight for one spot, and the Pats management will have to make a big and bold decision before the beginning of the regular season.

Patriots always make good decisions, and the same thing will happen this time, too. They’re doing an excellent job on the field, and this problem will be easily solved.

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