Bill Belichick Admits Patriots’ Issues For The Upcoming Season

New England is getting ready for the new season, and we all enjoyed the live action. The training camp was a good thing, and now is the time to see the best of all Patriots, including head coach Bill Belichick. And their mistakes, too.

But, head coach Bill Belichick believes that there’s a lot more to be done. According to him the Pats will have to work on few more aspects. “It’s a start. but I don’t think it’s where we’re going to be. I hope it’s not where we’re going to be. We’re all going to work hard to try to move the bar up,” Belichick said.

Veteran’s workload was light because of the extra-long sessions. “There isn’t really much we can do about that, and playing late into the season the year before is definitely what we want to do, so not complaining about that. But, it does affect the following season, there’s no question about that,” the head coach said.

“In the end, we try to take everything into consideration . . . collectively and individually with certain players that may need modification of their workload and so forth, and then try to do the best that we can with that time and those opportunities for our players and for the team development as a whole,” the coach added. “There’s a lot of factors involved, but (that one) is definitely one of them that comes into play.”

The preseason was a good thing for the coach to make calculations between players. There is a bunch of positional battles here, and some are better than others.

Belichick said that the team has a good competition at a lot of positions, including the receiver’s spot. But, he also said that they don’t have much production in the passing game. That’s something they have to work on.

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