Cavs Recent Signing Indicates A Trade Could Be On The Way

The Cleveland Cavaliers signed former NBA G-League guard Isaiah Taylor, raising speculations over a new trade.

The Cavs’ backcourt is pretty overloaded, and it’s more than certain that they will have to make a new trade. But, will they trade one of their guards?

The team continues making deals on the trade market, and the Cavs are pretty active in that field. They traded for the Clippers Sam Decker. But, what about the signing of Isaiah Taylor?

Taylor averaged 6.6 points per game in a total of 63 games with the Atlanta Hawks. We shouldn’t overlook his signing, but there’s something strange about the whole deal thing.

Everyone’s asking the following question. Why did the Cavs sign a point guard when they boast two point guards and a full-on combo guard?

Is there any chance that Taylor gets minutes behind Sexton, Hill and Clarkson? Sexton could do his thing for half an hour, Hill may get 22, and Taylor might not get a minute at all.

The Cavs are on a good way to trade J.R. Smith or Kyle Korver. Trading both of them could give Hill and Clarkson enough minutes, and Taylor may get some of it, too.

Cleveland may also trade both Korver and Smith. Is Taylor’s new contract actually an indication of a new trade? Probably.

The team lost LeBron James, and they’re trying to rebuild their roster. Are Taylor and the rest of the guys fit for that challenge? We’d ask millions of questions, but let’s just wait and see how will the Cavs play this season. It would definitely be a surprise to watch them play without and against LeBron James.

The big game is scheduled in November, and we can’t wait to see LeBron visit Cleveland wearing a Lakers uniform. You’re looking forward to the next season, right?

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