Danny Etling Expresses His Excitement After His 86-Yard Touchdown (Video)

The New England Patriots had the most exciting game in the preseason, and the game of a few players gave us chills. Everyone’s proud of the team, and fans are now getting ready for the new season. let’s play some real football! But, Danny Etling showed us what real football looks like.

Even head coach Bill Belichick applauded to his success. Danny Etling brought the game to a whole different level, and we do believe that he will make the 53-man roster.

The 86-yard sprint by the seventh-round draft pick Etling was super exciting, and it resulted in a touchdown for the team.

The Patriots had five more minutes, and the third-string rookie quarterback faked his handoff to running back Ralph Webb on the read option. Then he pulled the ball back when he spotted the defensive end take the bite and went down the sideline. Etling fooled the entire left side of the Giants’ defense.

Etling was never considered an elite athlete during his college game at Purdue and LSU. He galloped untouched for a really long touchdown run, and that’s one of the longest we’ve ever seen on the field.

“I just took off down the sideline. It was a great job by the running back and the offensive line there to sell it and make sure that there was no one there to make a tackle on me, and then I think I looked back about seven times and finally crossed the end zone,” Etling said.

Yes, this was a nice introduction to the new season. The Patriots are getting ready for the regular season, and Belichick has already worked on the winning plan. What’s the team’s winning formula? It sure involved quarterback Tom Brady and tight end Rob Gronkowski. Etling’s run will sure secure his place in the roster.

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