Daughter Of Ravens Assistant Coach Passes Away At 20

The Baltimore Ravens were set to meet the Miami Dolphins at Hard Rock Stadium on Saturday night. But, both players and coaching stuff did this while grieving.

The world of basketball was left in shock after the death of Bobby Engram’s daughter. The Ravens wide receivers coach and former NFL wide receiver is going through hard times, and he needs the support of everybody, including the guys from the team.

Engram’s daughter died Saturday morning at the age of 20.

“The Ravens Family extends deepest sympathy and prayers to Wide Receivers Coach Bobby Engram, his wife Deanna and their children on the passing this morning of daughter, Bobbi. Bobbi was 20 and a student at Towson University,” the team wrote.

We didn’t know much about the cause of death. But, reports confirm that Bobbi had been born with hereditary sickle-cell disease. She carried the disease with her throughout the entire life. But, w don’t really know if the Sickle Cell Disease is the real cause of Bobbi’s death.

Engram founded his own charitable foundation to help underprivileged children diagnosed with the same disease.
Sickle Cell Disease is a condition in which the shape of hemoglobin is abnormal, and the blood cells are rigid and curved. Sufferers deal with severe pain and anemia.

Bobby Engram had a nice career in the National Football League. He played for the Bears, Seattle Seahawks, and Kansas City Chiefs. Bobby had his greatest success with the Seahawks. He was part of the franchise’s first-ever Super Bowl team. Engram was also named to the Seahawks’ 35th Anniversary Team. He put an end to his NFL career with the Cleveland Browns in 2010.

In 2014, Engram spoke with Turren Davenport about his inspiration to help other children with the same disease as his daughter. Bobbi was eager to help her father in the efforts.

“She told me ‘I want to help. How can I help other people?’ For a kid to have that kind of insight, that was very powerful to us. Everything happens for a reason. She’s why the foundation is in existence. Sometimes kids are so honest and they have a wisdom beyond their years. She is a blessing,” Bobby said at the time.

We send you our thoughts and prayers, Bobby!

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