Malik Cunningham Keep-Or-Cut: Insider Updates Patriots’ Plans On Electric QB

The New England Patriots gathered a nice roster, but head coach Bill Belichick will have to cut this number to 53. He respects versatile players and this gives Malik Cunningham a special place on the squad. NFL analysts agree that Cunningham is an electric QB who can also do wonders at wide receiver. The young player had a chance to perform in both positions.

According to Jeff Howe from The Athletic, the Patriots have yet to make a decision on the combo quarterback/wide receiver.

The Patriots could keep Cunningham around, but they may not give him a spot on the roster at this point.

Cunningham was a bright spot for the Patriots in the preseason. He launched a surprising touchdown in the preseason opener. However, he continued working at QB in practice.

Patriots may use Cunningham as a wide receiver despite him being an electric QB

Phil Perry from NBC Sports discussed Cunningham’s situation. Will he stay on the team as a future wide receiver?

“Bill Belichick may have tried to keep Malik Cunningham’s quarterback ability out of sight these last few weeks,” Perry wrote. “If he wants to be able to waive Cunningham and get him onto the practice squad, limiting the quarterback film Cunningham was able to post this summer would be one way to do it.”

The Patriots have yet to make a statement on their talented player. Belichick has probably made a decision, but he didn’t say much in his recent appearance. One thing stands for sure, Belichick likes Malik.

Malik is a really interesting player. Kid never played receiver before or returned kicks, and he’s done both,” Belichick said in his appearance on the Greg Hill show on Monday. “As well as playing quarterback. He certainly has some things on his resume. So do other players. We’ll see how all that plays out.”

Cunningham sure respects the comments his head coach made. He will accept every challenge on his way regardless of his position on the team.

“I’m a football player. Whatever they need me to do, I’m going to do it,” he said. “I feel like I did good over those three games. A lot to learn from, a lot to take on the chin, a lot of things I did good, a lot more things I need to work on as a quarterback or receiver, wherever they put me at. It’s a blessing just to be here. I just want to thank God again for the glory and blessing me with these abilities, and we’ll see where things go from here.”