David Griffin Reveals Major Problems On LeBron James’ New Team

Many thought that LeBron James would put an end to the Lakers’ five-year playoff drought. NBA stars share their opinion on LeBron’s contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, and so did David Griffin.

The Lakers couldn’t bring other superstars to the team. That’s the only thing that would’ve help then challenge the Golden State Warriors. The Western Conference supremacy is a big thing. The Lakers made a few controversial acquisitions, and we still don’t know if they will fit with LeBron’s talent. Former Cleveland Cavaliers David Griffin spoke about this during his appearance on The Full 48 podcast.


Griffin agrees that bringing Lonzo, Stephenson and Rondo to the team will sure ease LeBron’s load during the regular season.

“I buy that they probably sold him to a huge degree on the notion that, ‘Look, we won’t ask as much of you in the regular season, so you have more in the tank in the playoffs. We’re going to put more play creation around you so that you don’t have to be asked to carry such a huge burden.’ Which is great if they’re elite playmakers. Which is great if they’re super high-end ball-dominant, efficient guys.”

But, Griffin doesn’t really think that this method will help the Lakers do magic in the postseason. LeBron James will be more involved in the decision-making process in the playoffs. He will also have to create opportunities for his teammates. In other words, the Lakers will need more players to finish plays. According to Griffin, the Lakers lack this type of talent.

Griffin is also worried about the Lakers’ chemistry. The team will have its first legitimate star on the court since Kobe Bryant’s retirement. The Lakers had many ups and downs, and we can’t really think of their potential scenario for 2018-19 NBA Season. It will be fun to watch the games with LeBron wearing the team’s uniform.

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