James Harden Appears Completely Out of Shape in Outrageous Photo That Leaked

Remember the great game of James Harden in 2017-18? Well, he doesn’t look that good now.

Fans thought that James Harden would become even better, but the NBA star is out of shape. Too bad. Harden had a pretty awesome experience last season, and this photo that resurfaces shows his true appearances. He looks… bad?

How is it possible that James Harden lost his shape? We expected so much from him. Did Harden enjoyed every bit of his summer? Probably. It seems like he had too much fun. Well, that’s how he looks like.

Harden is playing in the Drew League, but that body looks like he had too many cookies. Oh, wait, is there something like ‘too many cookies?’

The Internet is flooded with pics of the NBA star, and oh my God, he looks… out of shape. Yes, let’s stick to this phrase, because anything other expression would be offensive. This man better put his thoughts together and work on that body.

Everyone would agree that Harden put on too much weight, especially in his stomach area. We all know what does that mean. Maybe he should consult a nutritionist and have a nice serving of broccoli. He doesn’t really have much time, and he better get back on track.

The Rockets gave us the best of all stories last year, and they were just a game away from the NBA Finals. The team gave NBA hope that practically any team could give the Warriors a nice sweat.

Did Harden broke a sweat this summer? I don’t think so. This may put the Rockets in trouble next season.

There’s still hope for the team after all. They did pretty good, and they should repeat that. It was nice to watch, and we’re really looking forward to this season.

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