Jarvis Landry Unveils Bill Belichick-Esque Threat Adam Gase Used With Dolphins

HBO’s “Hard Knocks” revealed a lot about Jarvis Landry and his willingness to speak his mind. Yes, we’re trying to open the topic of the Miami Dolphins head coach Adam Gase.

The Dolphins traded Jarvis Landry to the Cleveland Browns in the offseason. The wide receiver talked about his strained relationship with Gase in one of his interviews. “He wanted me to trust him, but he really didn’t want to trust me,” Landry told Elizabeth Merill.

Landry also accused Gase, saying that he tried to sabotage his career with the trade deal. The Browns went 0-16 last season. “I just felt like, for some reason, Adam sent me here to die,” Landry said.

This was the same “threat” Gase used with other Dolphin players who stepped on his bad side. If players didn’t get their act together, the head coach would started off a trade deal with Cleveland.

Landry told Merrill that Gase’s joke actually refers to the scenario of the New England Patriots.

Remember when Patriots head coach Bill Belichick traded Jamie Collins in 2016? Collins ended up playing with the Browns, and this happened just because he wasn’t getting along with the Pats coaches.

New England finished 1402 and won the Super Bowl, and the Browns ended up with a 1-15 record. It was a tough year for Collins.

Belichick’s move was a shock for the league. Gase and other coaches use his move as a method to threaten players. Is this supposed to be a real joke?

So, players are actually flying straight to Cleveland if they don’t get in shape.

Collins and Landry are now teammates in Cleveland, and maybe they can work on a survival plan and help those who got stuck in a similar trade deal.

The season is about to start, and we’ll just sit back and see how will things develop.

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