Kevin Durant Admires LeBron James For Breaking Down Barriers For NBA Superstars

We’ve all noticed the tension between LeBron James and Kevin Durant. It’s the tension fans created. They’ve made a step forward in the career, and changed teams.

LeBron first left Cleveland in 2010. He came back in 2014, and now plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. Kevin Durant played with the Oklahoma City Thunder for nine years, and signed with the Golden State Warriors in 2016.

Durant had an interview with ESPN, and praised King James for destroying the barriers for NBA players.

“He’s kind of breaking down the barriers of what an NBA superstar is supposed to be. You feel like you’re supposed to just play it out in one spot. I think he did a good job of giving you different chapters, and it’s going to make his book even more interesting when he’s done,” Durant said.

Players’ history has a great control on the NBA. Free agency isn’t really long, and most stars don’t leave their teams. Loyalty, remember?

King James was the first to break the tradition. He knows his real value, and respects his teams. He left the Cavaliers, and then refused to sign long-term contracts. So, the team turned its win-now mode, as they were afraid that LeBron may leave.

He tactics worked, and LeBron helped the team win a championship, and upset the Warriors. This probably has a role in the landing of Durant.

James and Durant were attacked for their initial moves. But, so many players have now been part of trades, and yes, perceptions have changed. Remember the story of Isaiah Thomas and DeMar DeRozan?

LeBron has a huge impact on basketball players, which is why Durant supports him. It’s time to change views and act more reasonably. Each player knows what’s best for his career. Let’s see what happens next in the world of NBA.

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