Kevin Love Gives Stunning Response To LeBron Opening School

Kevin Love has played with LeBron James in Cleveland Cavaliers. Together, they were able to win the championship back in 2016. Aside from their chemistry while on the court, the two are also very close friends.

Over the past few years, Love and James didn’t miss a chance to congratulate on each other’s success. Just a few weeks ago James expressed Love his support for his four-year, $120 million extension with the Cavaliers. Love reciprocated, congratulating James on signing with the Los Angeles Lakers.

But Love wasn’t done praising his friend. This time, however, his good wishes had nothing to do with basketball.

LeBron James decided to utilize his influence away from the court and put his time and money to make an impact on his community. He opened a new school in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. While the ‘I Promise School’ provides kids from disadvantaged families with free education, it will also help students facing other issues outside the school that may hinder them in class. But, that’s not all. The school will also take care of the kids’ parent by helping them get a job and will give the students free bicycles on their first day of school.

When this was officially announced, Love rushed to praise his friend and former teammate:

“This skinny kid from Akron who missed 83 days of school in the 4th grade had big dreams for the kids in Akron to give them everything they could need to find their passion, give back to our community and change the world!! This school is that. The people are that. Akron is that,” LeBron wrote on his Twitter account.

James’ generosity is amazing. He is using his platform to maximize his ability to give back to his community, and that’s something to admire. He even promised kids a paid college tuition if they graduate in his ‘I Promise School.’

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