King James Showcases New LeBron 16 Kicks and They’re Breathtaking (Photos)

In 2015, LeBron James signed a lifetime deal with Nike. Sources reveal that the deal is worth $1 billion. Well, the company made much more money than this thanks to LeBron. And now we have the new LeBron 16.

It can’t get any better than this. LeBron has created a few awesome pieces with Nike, and his LeBron series are out of this world. The new Nike LeBron 16 are the cherry on top.

The awesome kicks are still not available on the market. according to sources, the release date is September 20. Tinker Hatfield said the new sneaker will be groundbreaking. Now we have the opportunity to see it for ourselves and admire the beauty of this piece.

It’s a completely distnctive aesthetic, and they are somehow different than the 15s. King James says that his new shows will sure dominate the market. He even provided a few pics to make his point. And yes, they are awesome.

The sole is similar to the LeBron 15s, but the other details are changed. Fresh kicks! The heel has an impressive detail, and you can’t just not see the lion with glowing eyes.

LeBron knows how to pick the right design and detailing. The best thing about his shoes is the fact that they look brilliant off the court, too. We will sure believe Hatfield when he says that the new LeBrons will be groundbreaking.

Many would agree that these are the best kicks LeBron has ever made. We can’t wait to see if there are other colorways. The King will only choose the best, and maybe he will fit well in fresh colors. He’s playing with the Lakers after all. Maybe Nike could create something with purple and gold on it. Like the idea? LeBron will sure like it. There’s no better combination than the Lakers and Nike.

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