Lebron James And Wife Share Adorable Photos Of Teen Son That Will Steal Your Hearts

LeBron James is one of the brightest stars in the NBA, and a proud father of three. The teen son is already doing his best to make his mom and dad even more proud.

King James didn’t have a father figure in his life which helped him become an excellent father, and his teen son can sure learn a lot from him. LeBron and his wife Savannah have been in love since high school, and provide a nice example for the kids. LeBron Jr is 13, and his younger brother Bryce Maximus is 11. The girl, Zhuri, is just 3, and she’s always steals everyone’s attention. So cute.

This time the James family decided to show off a bit, and they are more than proud of Bronny. The kid may be 13, but he’s already popular.

Savannah shared a pic of Bronny, and yes, it’s more than clear that he is growing into a big star. Bronny has shown us that he’s ready to follow his father’s footsteps. That’s a good thing, because LeBron will enter history as one of the greatest NBA players to ever walk on earth.

Savannah’s photo was snapped at a Bigfoot Hoops Tournament in July. In the photo, Bronny is drinking a K+ organics drink. “He knows what’s up!!!” the caption read.

The boy is wearing a black t-shirt with the Nike signature in its center. K+ Organics shared the picture, and it was definitely a nice way to advertise their role in the tournament.

Savannah and James don’t really post about everything that happens in their home, but they do know to surprise us once in a while. The proud father posted a pic at the very same moment Bronny won the championship. There’s a lot going on in his head, and he’s already thinking of the possibility to hit the same basketball court with his son.


Bronny has enough time to sharpen his skills and use his talent properly. Will he be as good as his dad?

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