LeBron James Broke His Silence About The Double Standard For Black And White Athletes

LeBron James was in the first episode of his new HBO show “The Shop,” and opened the topic of white and black athletes.

According to the king of basketball, black and white athletes are held to a different standard in the States. LeBron James talked to a group of athletes and entertainers, including Odell Beckham Jr., Draymond Green and Snoop Dogg. He described a hypothetical situation in which a fan approaches a black and white athletes. In the story, the fan asks the star athletes for a picture.

“If it’s (Tom) Brady, if it’s (Aaron) Rodgers, if it’s (Peyton) Manning. And we’re doing the same (expletive), the same exact (expletive). I’m talking about a phone is out. We’re like, ‘Yo, get that (expletive) phone out of my face. I’m with my family.’ If we’re out with our family and we say that (expletive) and somebody posts it, and if Aaron Rodgers or one of those guys say that (expletive) and they post it, somebody’s going to be like, ‘Hey, you guys should respect Aaron Rodgers,'” LeBron said.

Beckham said something similar last year, saying that he would have received the same pass as Tom Brady when he was caught yelling at his offensive coordinator.

James’ opinion on racial double standards for athletes was one of the hottest topics opened in the debut of The Shop. HBO said it was an “unfiltered conversation and debate” organized in a barbershop. King James is the executive producer of the series. The 33-year-old NBA star is a three-time NBA champion and four-time MVP. He also talked about a few other social issues.

“At the end of the day, when I decided I was going to start speaking up and not giving a (expletive) about the backlash or if it affects me, my whole mindset was it’s not about me. My popularity went down. But at the end of the day, my truth to so many different kids and so many different people was broader than me personally,” LeBron said.

Will The Shop attract negative attention?

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