LeBron James Left a Lakers Teammate In Awe: ‘This man is really different’

eLeBron James left Cleveland, and got himself a nice contract with the Los Angeles Lakers. Although he hasn’t played yet, LeBron already enjoys the support of his teammates. This particular teammate is amazed with the king’s game.

King James sure got the attention of his teammate Josh Hart. Th young star had the opportunity to meet him, and yes, he was amazed.

LeBron didn’t spend much time with his new team, but that was enough for the Lakers to accept him. Team guard Josh Hard was impressed with the 33-year-old NBA star, and went to Twitter to express his excitement to play with one of the greatest basketball players of all times.

Hart had the opportunity to witness the four-time MVP on the basketball court in person. It was like magic.

“This man is really different when it comes to playing basketball… crazy to watch,” Hart tweeted. Well, it sure is crazy, but in a good way.


James LeBron is one of the most powerful basketball start to ever walk on Earth, and everyone was so happy when he announced his free agency. But, the excitement didn’t last for too long, because LeBron decided to join the Lakers on the first day of his free agency.

This brought sort of a disappointment in several teams and fans. Remember how some said that he will stay in Cleveland for at least a year? Others thought that he’d go to Philadelphia. But, the king knew that Los Angeles is the best place for him and his family, and sealed the deal.

LeBron signed a four-year contract worth $154 million. The Lakers could really use his experience and skills, and yes, they do have a chance to win over the Warriors. That’s what most Lakers fans think. The team will play its traditional Christmas game with the Golden State Warriors, and you don’t want to miss that.

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