LeBron James Shares His Thoughts About Browns on Twitter

LeBron James left Cleveland earlier this summer, and signed a four-year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t support Browns.

King James used his Twitter account to give his opinion on the NFL team that went 0-16 last season. Tom Withers from the Associated Press wondered “Can Browns handle Jarvis Landry and Antonio Callaway and Josh Gordon and Dez Bryant?”

The Lakers star gave the right response to this question. LeBron believes they can, and even suggested that other additions can help them “change the culture.”

“Yes they can and more!! It’s time to change the culture(which The HC been doing) and bringing in players that can win games and make plays helps! Why not?!?!” LeBron responded.

Withers replied with a question asking if everyone on the Browns will manage to put the team first. “Hear ya, Bron. My concern would be: will everyone buy in and put team first?”

The king of basketball believes they have figured this out already. “That’s the conversation that should be had before signing anyone. Doesn’t matter who they are. Especially when you’re trying to change the Culture! Team over I all day,” Bron wrote.

James witnessed series of Browns losses just like any other fan, and he doesn’t hesitate to show his support for them. We all hope that they will improve and find a way to spice up the game without disappointing others.

LeBron knows how to recognize real quality, and minor mistakes won’t make him change his mind. He’s got all the support in this world for great players, and has shown that in multiple occasions. Hopefully, players won’t disappoint his support.

The new season is about to start, and teams are working on their surprising tactics. We’ve seen so many unexpected trades, meaning it will be too hot in the league this year.

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