LeBron James’ Show Picked Up By Major Broadcast Television

Basketball isn’t the only thing that made LeBron fly to Los Angeles, and everybody is talking about his show.

Yes, fans knew that LeBron’s reasoning is beyond basketball, and they are somewhat right. The king of basketball is gaining success in several aspects, and now we’re focused on his role in the entertainment industry. Yes, the show.

It seems like King James is trying to get close to Hollywood, and he is doing a great job at the moment. He signed a four-year contract with the Lakers which gives him enough time to give himself a try in other fields.

The good news is that his show is now picked up for air. The competition show will be on CBS, as confirmed by Ashley Boucher. The “Million Dollar Mile” show will have athletes performing rather demanding tasks. There will be money, too.

CBS picked up 10 episodes of the competition series. The competition will challenge athletes’ mental and physical strength. Major streets will be shut down to provide great conditions. The million comes at the end.

“This show takes competition series to a whole new level. It’s intense, it’s entertaining and it has a twist that will have people on the edge of their seats while also creating an opportunity to change the contestants’ lives,” says SpringHill Entertainment CEO Carter.

King James is in the center of all events with his three shows and the I Promise School initiative. He’s gaining success outside the basketball court, and each of his projects is designed for a good cause.

LeBron may have a huge impact on the entertainment industry, as his shows may boost the criteria. We already know that he’s got stuff ‘cooking in his kitchen,’ and we’re ready for his new project. A new school maybe? A TV show? That would be great.

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