LeBron James Showing Off In His New Lakers Uniform For First Time

LeBron James made the boldest move ever, and fans are still getting over the fact that he joined the Los Angeles Lakers. But, seeing him in the Lakers uniform? It’s crazy!

King James was ready for new challenges, and Los Angeles was definitely the only place to give him what he needs. That’s what makes him super proud of his decision, and he looks great in the Lakers uniform.

Although many thought that the king of basketball will stay in Cleveland, he decided to become a free agent, and then join the Lakers. His family waspretty supportive in the whole process, and they all wanted to go to Los Angeles. Savannah and LeBron’s mom were happy to see him ink his deal with Magic Johnson.

Staying in Cleveland was not an option this time. It was more than clear that LeBron will head in a completely different direction, and eventually the decision was made. Seeing him leave Cleveland was hard for most fans, and many thought that the Cavs management will be angry at him. But, instead of saying words of hate, the team owner and other players expressed their feeling for the whole thing. Instead of condemning King James, they thanked him for helping the team win a championship.

Yes, LeBron is getting more successful with every day that goes by. He knows how to make the right move, and playing with the Lakers is so exciting.

The social media is now flooded with pics of him in his new uniform. You’d all agree that he’s rocking that purple and gold uniform. It was the moment we’ve been waiting for.

Haters hated the fact that the king arrived in Los Angeles, but it’s more than sure that he will bring the Lakers game to a higher level. Let the magic begin!

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