LeBron’s No-Pressure Position in LA Is a Great Gamble for Lakers

There’s been a lot going on in Los Angeles, especially after the king arrived in town. LeBron James signed a contract with the Lakers, and it was a game-changer.

For many fans, LeBron and Los Angeles could only bring a circus. But, it seems like there isn’t too much pressure about the whole thing. Los Angeles won’t really reach the NBA Finals. Yes, the Lakers are the team with the strongest teambase. But, if you take a closer look at the roster, you’d guess that the team isn’t really a contender.

This is somehow odd for LeBron. He represented the East in the past eight NBA Finals, and always chased championships.

There’s no pressure. The Lakers landed LeBron, and aren’t afraid of losing him. This wasn’t the case of the Cleveland Cavaliers. James’ short-term contracts were destructive for the Cavs, and the roster was also affected. Short-term success was their only target. The trick worked, and Cleveland came to the Finals four times in a row. It was a rough battle, and James never promised to stick around.

February won’t be hard for the Lakers if they don’t sit atop the West. There won’t be any room for panic unless they’re ranked in the conference’s top four.

And the roster? there’s not enough talent to compete with top teams. Can Los Angeles make the playoffs? Well, they aren’t better than the Golden State Warriors or the Houston Rockets.

Maybe the Lakers team will get stronger. Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram and Josh Hart may grow next to LeBron. But, will they perform in a playoff series against a strong defense? It will be interesting to watch the team this season. There are so many assumptions, and let’s just hope that the Lakers will find a way to win a championship.

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