LeBron James Releases Trailer for His I Promise Doc

Four-time NBA champion LeBron James has great surprise for those who appreciate his work, and this I Promise doc is the real deal. The YouTube documentary has been making headlines for a really long time and pretty much every citizen in this country wants to know more about the school LeBron opened in his hometown, Akron, Ohio.

LeBron set up a great environment for at-risk kids. He decided to give these kids decent education and better life. He is taking care of these kids and their families. LeBron didn’t have the best childhood and he wanted to do something for all the kids who go through the same nightmare. Gloria struggled to raise LeBron, and he even had to live with his coach. That’s what motivated him to open this school.

LeBron James is honest in the I Promise doc

Opening a school is quite a challenge. “I didn’t know the ins and outs of how to create a school,” LeBron said in the trailer.

This didn’t stop him. He wanted to help all those kids who need someone by their side. “So many kids like myself have dreams. And the only thing to stop those dreams from becoming a reality is the support around them.”

These kids have already had great success but LeBron is waiting for the final results. “The true test of our approach will be when the students take the measures of academic progress test.”

In April 2020, LeBron said he wanted to help kids in the neighborhood. I Promise School was a big project and LeBron was pretty serious about it.

“Hope is a very powerful thing. No matter the situation, if a kid knows someone truly believes in them, that changes their outlook on everything,” he explained. “With our school, everything is built on giving kids the confidence that they can do anything. They know I believe in them, they know their teachers, the whole staff, and everyone we’ve put around them believes in them. It’s incredible what they can do when they feel that support.”