Look: Kawhi Leonard Works Out With LeBron James And Kevin Durant In LA

It’s no longer a secret that Kawhi Leonard is interested in playing with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Well, it was never a secret. Kawhi Leonard is thrilled about the game, and it’s more than certain that he’d play with the Lakers if given a chance.

This time we saw the photo of Leonard working out with LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Cedi Osman. We can’t really see the connection here, but it seems like the players enjoy spending time together.

Does this confirm that Leonard is ready for his chance with the Lakers?

King James’ presence at the workout doesn’t necessarily mean that Kawhi will join the Lakers. But, he will probably become free agent next year.

Let’s not forget that the workout took place down the street from LeBron’s new home. That’s exactly what made fans think that the Showtime will return in Los Angeles.

Leonard is all in when it comes to join the Lakers. He’s also interested in the Clippers, so we’ll just wait and see what will he do next year. The Southern California-born Kawhi has a year or so to make a decision.

Will he follow the example of LeBron James?

The king of basketball didn’t stay in Cleveland and became a free agent earlier this summer. LeBron signed a deal with the Los Angeles Lakers and will get $154 million.

Seeing NBA players work out together during offseason is a common thing. But, when it comes to Kawhi Leonard, we’re more than intrigued to seem him workout with LeBron and Durant. This sure fuels the rumors about Leonard joining the Lakers in 2019.

The season will start any time now, and it would be nice to see LeBron face the Cleveland Cavaliers in November. That would be the most interesting game in the season, right?

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