Manu Ginobili Shares Special History Record with LeBron James

San Antonio Spurs veteran Manu Ginobili and Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James are at different stages of their basketball careers, but let’s not forget that they share a special piece of NBA playoff history.

Manu Ginobili will probably retire after his 1057 career games in San Antonio. The 41-year-old star noticed that his role had decreased as he has grew older. Ginobili had 16 long seasons in San Antonio, and he plans of closing the chapter of his basketball career.

Ginobili is still the basketball genius we know, but maybe it’s time to say ‘goodbye.’ The Spurs are definitely looking forward to enter the new DeMar DeRozan era.

The Los Angeles Lakers landed LeBron. In the past five seasons, the Lakers had the worst record in the entire NBA, and King James is about to bring new changes this season.

The NBA champion left Cleveland after bringing them to the NBA finals for the fourth consecutive time. So, the king of basketball needed a new challenge, and maybe the Western Conference is exactly what he needs at this point of his career.

James and Ginobili first met in the 2007 NBA Finals. The duo has played in three NBA Finals so far, 2013 and 2014. We all remember how Miami Heat and the Spurs battled in none of the greatest Finals matchups.

We can’t do anything but agree that James and Ginobili spend some time playing against each other. They had some of the brightest and darkest moments of their competitive careers. We really hope that this is not the end of their battle. Ginobili’s future is hanging in the air, and there’s not really a chance of seeing both legends meet again this season.

How will this season turn? Let’s wait and find out. It will be a tough battle for every team in the league.

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