Michael Jordan Rocks Never-Before-Released Jordans (PHOTOS)

There are new Jordans on the horizon, and Michael Jordan was the first to wear them. But, they are not available for retail. Too bad for all the dribbling fans out there.

So, Michael Jordan had some nice time in Italy, and Positano was his favorite spot. He enjoyed every bit of the lovely place, and chose to wear those lovely Jordans.

According to the report by TMZ Sports, Jordan wore some kind of Jordan Iows, and yes, these aren’t available on the market. Jordan loved the sneakers, and Nike made him a one-of-a-kind pair.

Jordan is known for his passion for special kicks, and this isn’t the first time he wears a rare ones. Remember the sneakers he wore in December while in Barbados? We’d never seen anything like these.

Michael Jordan had an amazing career in the NBA, and retired 15 years ago. it’s been so long, and NBA fans haven’t forgotten him. For most of them, Jordan is the best basketball player to walk on planet Earth.

Jordan also makes the best sneakers. Every basketball player loves them, and these were sure a profitable business.

Forbes confirms that Jordan’s worth is about $1.6 billion at the moment. He has inked a bunch of endorsement deals with Nike, Gatorade and Upper Deck. Jordan is also the majority stake owner of the Charlotte Hornets. Pretty successful.

James LeBron seem to be following his footsteps. He has a line of sneakers, too. But, he’s focused on his basketball career. King James will have his first debut in a few months, and we can’t wait to see him play in the new uniform.

Will other basketball players follow Jordan’s dream? Probably. His career is pretty huge, and he’s more than an NBA legend. That’s something every athlete dreams of. A successful post-basketball life.

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