New England Patriots Player Out At Least 4-5 Weeks

The New England Patriots will proceed without Harvey Langi.

The Patriots linebacker missed from practice and wasn’t in the team’s uniform for the opening of the preseason in Foxborough. The Pats team played against the Redskins, and Langi wasn’t there.

Jeff Howe of The Athletic said that Langi took a hit to his side during the session, and an internal laceration was the final result. Howe said that Langi isn’t expected to return for another 4-5 weeks, meaning he will be ruled out of the preseason.

Things don’t go pretty well for Langi. He missed huge portion of the last season after the terrible car accident. An SUV crashed into the rookie linebacker and his wife as they were pulling into their apartment. The vehicle was smashed between two cars, and the couple ended up in hospital with serious injuries. Forces even used jaws of life to extract Langi and his wife from the car.

The linebacker had neck and back injuries, and his wife had her hips broken. They’re now fully recovered, but Langi has another problem on his way.

Langi spoke about his recovery and his huge comeback to the field. “The accident was huge, and it was a big setback, but that’s over with, and I’m out here. I’m just grateful. I love being out here. This is great. I wouldn’t — people ask me what I’m doing today, and I get to put a helmet on and come out here and work with the rest of the guys and give everything I’ve got. That’s the best,” Langi said during his interview in June.

“So, I’m super grateful and super blessed that things didn’t turn in other directions where I wouldn’t be out here. Things didn’t, and I’m out here, and I’m grateful. I’m just gonna come out here and help and do everything I can to help this team to win some games and hopefully go on to championships,” he added.

This is bad news for Langi, and the Pats will have to do a tiny rearrangement.

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