Patriots Fans Rip Passing Defense For Awful First Half (Video)

New England Patriots face the Carolina Panthers, and the first half says it all. The defense against the Panthers can be put in a one simple sentence.

Patriots passing defense was given a hard time in the first half of the matchup against the Carolina Panthers.

Curtis Samuel gained 28 yards on a pass from quarterback Cam Newton because Patriots’ defenders were out of his zip code. What happened on the field? How did Samuel ended up being this open? The Patriots struggled at the passing defense. Newton gashed the Pats for 142 yards on 17 attempts, which gives him 8.35 per attempt in the half.
Drew Brees was on the top last season with 8.09 and Tom Brady had a nice finish of 7.88.

Cam Newton manages to pull pretty much every trick that comes to his mind. How will the game end?

The Panthers quarterback left the matchup’s first drive, one of three that brought field goals, and was sent straight to the medical tent on the sideline. He landed on his head, and had to be checked for a potential injury. Luckily, he came back on the field, but lost his magic eventually.

The Panthers’ last drive of the first half went for 59 yards in just 2 minutes. It was a field goal and not a touchdown only because officials ruled that Greg Olsen didn’t actually get out of bounds on the final catch of his possession.
In other words, the Patriots found the strength to produce proper pressure against Carolina’s quarterback.

Every fan out there agrees that the Patriots lack a proper defense. Maybe they will work on this in the next few games. That’s probably the weak spot of the team. How will head coach Bill Belichick solve this problem? Any changes in the organization?

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