Patriots Makes Paralyzed Teen Dream Come True With Big Surprise

New England Patriots have so many fans across the county, and this paralyzed teen is the biggest of them all.

Christian Wylie is the paralyzed teen whose story became viral. He got the opportunity of his lifetime, and the Patriots played a huge part of it.

The 19-year-old Christian had a bright future ahead of him, and his whole life changed in 2017. The Chester boy suffered a spinal cord injury while a swimming session. It left him paralyzed and tied to a wheelchair. Wylie also had tracheotomy and ventilator.

This was Wylie’s “new normal.” The kid had huge dreams, and they all went down the hill. But, Dream On 3 decided to make his dream come true. The sports-focused, dream-granting organization had a little deal with the New England Patriots, and gave Wylie the best day of his life.

“They are a powerhouse team and I like that,” Wylie said of his favorite team. Will he like the VIP experience? Of course.

Wylie had the opportunity to attend the Pats training camp and talk to his favorite players. The tour of Gillette Stadium was the best gift in his life.

“It’s going to be an amazing experience.”

The surprise trip includes a tour of Fenway Park, and Wylie will attend the concert of Journey & Def Leppard. Oh, and a stay at the Ritz, too.

“I feel like every day, I don’t need to feel down so, most of the time I am doing alright,” Wylie said.

Wylie felt better thanks to the New England Patriots. Players know how to surprise their greatest stars, and express their gratitude for their loyalty. Wylie is one of the luckiest guys on planet Earth. He spent some time with the Pats, and that’s something most football players dream of. Good job, Pats, you made this kid happy.

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