Report: Julian Edelman Reveals His Nickname For Braxton Berrios

Julian Edelman is unquestionably one of the most important pieces in the Patriots puzzle. The wide receiver’s passion raises the compete level of his teammates in a rather noticeable way, while also having some fun with them as well.

Given his lighthearted aspect of him, Edelman’s reaction when asked about working with a couple of New England’s young receivers in Riley McCarron and rookie Braxton Berrios is just what we expected.

Edelman revealed the nickname he’s given the 2018 sixth round pick in Berrios.

“Honey Nut? Honey Nut Berrios?,” Edelman replied.

Berrios is being handed a new nickname, and by none other than Edelman, means that he’s making some sort of impression on the veteran wide out, which automatically rises his chances to make it to the active roster.

While Berrios has been often compared to Danny Amendola – former Patriots wide out and Edelman’s best bud – it’s interesting to see Edelman seemingly taking a liking to Berrios.

Before joining the Patriots, Berrios played with the Hurricanes and was able to catch 55 passes for 679 yards with nine touchdowns. Now, both he and second year man Riley McCarron are competing for sports on the 53-man roster and in a way Edelman can relate to those two as he remembers the trials and tribulations of being a rookie in the NFL.

“You know, little things you do see,” Edelman said of the two young pass catchers. “Just the confusion or you know – I mean you got to think about it. You’re a young guy and you’re going into a whole new system, you’re going into a whole new part of the country you probably haven’t been.

“You know, you got to learn calculus when you just got out of regular math. So you definitely can relate to a lot of those things and try to help them out as much as possible to get them to feel a little more comfortable. And I think that’s what we all try to do. We all try to learn from each other and help each other out and that’s – as a veteran that’s what you got to do I guess.”

Berrios and McCarron will have the best opportunity to make it to the Patriots roster by showing off their ability in the punt return game as well as their ability to perform in the passing game.

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