Report: New England Patriots Interest In Dez Bryant Revealed

Dez Bryant doesn’t really seem to have a chance of joining the New England Patriots.

NFL Network’s Mike Giardi asked a Pats source if the team has any interest in landing Dez Bryant after the release of Kenny Britt. “Asked a #Patriots team source if they had any interest in Dez Bryant. “Probably no.” As for Jordan Matthews re-entering the equation after week 1, was told he could be an option but not until October. He was released with a hamstring injury early in training camp,” Giardi wrote on Twitter.

Bryant intrigued Patriots fans with his comments of Tom Brady. The receiver said that Brady has always been his favorite player.

Experts would agree that Dez was one of the most feared wide receivers in the past eight years in the NFL. He had a nice game in the period between 2014 and 2014. Dez caught for over 1,200 yards, and had at least 12 touchdowns. Last year Bryant put up a few impressive numbers, and caught 69 passes for 838 yards and six touchdowns on 12.1 yards per catch in the 16 regular season games.

The Patriots released Britt and Julian Edelman will be suspended in the first month of the regular season. So, why don’t the Pats sign him in?

Mike Florio made a point about about Patriot’s interested in Bryant.

According to him, the team doesn’t want Bryant, and they have few reasons to do so. “From a football standpoint, Bryant has spent eight seasons playing one position in one offense. Learning the Patriot Way on the fly would be a challenge that few could overcome.”

Will the Patriots pass on Bryant? He also has a reputation of being a malcontent at times, and Bill Belichick won’t have any of that.

Maybe things will change, who knows…

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