Report: Patriots Negotiating Contract With Chris Hogan

The next calendar year will probably be awesome for Chris Hogan as he may get a bag full of cash.

Yes, the New England Patriots have already had negotiations with Chris Hogan regarding his contract extension. This is Hogan’s last year of the three-year-deal he signed in 2016. Will the Pats try to keep him around a bit longer? Probably.

The team is ready to do some more negotiations, but Jeff Howe of the Athletic says that the two sides are “a bit too far apart at the early stages of the process.” This doesn’t mean that the team and Hogan won’t reach an agreement.

But, New England faces a few problems regarding the possibility of giving Hogan a new contract. There is a massive change in market at the receiver position. A No. 2 wideout like Chris Hogan had the average annual value jump up to $8 million last offseason. If the Pats give him such contract, it will definitely exceed Julian Edelman’s deal, and that’s not really ideal for the locker room optics.

The situation isn’t too serious and complicated, and the Patriots will sure find the best solution.

Hogan’s agent Erik Burkhardt believes that his client will be the next in line for the major payday. “You saw Cooks get his bag. With him done and Danny Amendola gone and Jules looks like he’s going to have to sit for the first month, Hogan is in a good spot baby. I’m going to get him a gigantic bag of cash. He’s next,” Burkhardt said during his appearance on Barstool Sports’ Comeback SZN podcast in the offseason.

Hogan is a solid contributor to the Pats offense, and a nice option for quarterback Tom Brady. Edelman won’t be around for the first few weeks, meaning the Pats should think twice before making a decision.

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